About Netzer

Netzer’s high-precision absolute encoders utilize revolutionary position sensing technology initially developed for demanding professional applications in harsh environments. This technology is now applicable to a broader range of needs including defense, homeland security, aerospace, and instrument motion control. Moreover, Netzer’s ring absolute encoders are also applied in medical, automotive, and industrial automation contexts.

The core technology of Netzer’s ring absolute encoders focuses on the interaction between capacitive non-contact technology for measuring displacement and the spatial/temporal modulation of electric fields. It offers a variety of functionalities that are unparalleled by optical or magnetic encoders. Advantages of Netzer’s Ring Absolute Encoders

• Simple and robust structure • Accommodates large installation tolerances • Lightweight, low inertia, and compact design (<=10 mm in diameter) • Wide range of hollow shaft diameters • Absolute single-turn position output • Precision up to 0.001° for selected models • Insensitive to magnetic fields • Insensitive to EMI/RFI • Low power consumption • Ultra-high speed and low latency • Supports various standard position feedback protocols

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